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The e-mails below were received from clients after they used our London airport and cruise transfer services. A big thank you to all who took the time to send me their views, it is always pleasing to hear feedback from our many satisfied customers. The sender's e-mail addresses have been removed in respect of their privacy.

Subject: Testimonial
Date: 1st December 2009
From: Mark Waters
To: Eddie Manning

Hi Eddie

I have been very remiss not to contact you and thank you once again for the very efficient service you provided for my clients recently.  Having a group with baggage and golf clubs usually becomes a bit of a transfer nightmare but again you have come to the forefront and provided 1st class, punctual and affordable service.  I will continue to use and recommend your service without hesitation.

Looking forward to continuing our association and please feel free to place this on your testimonial page

Best regards,

Mark Waters

Subject: Compliment
Date: 11th June 2009
From: Stan Gilmore
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Eddie..........  Just spoke with Mr. & Mrs. Brinson......... they are back in Houston now after their short visit to London on June 2-6, 2009, after their Crystal Cruise.

Mr. Brinson speaks very highly of you and your company and was most impressed with your services..............
He was especially pleased and very grateful for your kind assistance with helping them navigate Terminal 4 early that Saturday morning to check in with Continental Airlines.............

I wish to personally thank you too for your extra kindness  and assistance that you afforded the Brinsons.
Well done my friend.........

The Brinson's will be back in London again in Aug.......
Just as soon as I have flight information, I'll contact you again for assistance with the airport transfers.

Kindest regards,

Stan Gilmore
(Member of Signature Travel Network)


Subject: A Letter of Appreciation
Date: 06 September 2008 05:47
From: Victor Runeckles
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Mr. Manning,

My wife joins me in sending this letter of commendation for the services you provided for our recent stay in London. From the moment you met us at the Maple Leaf Lounge following our overnight flight from Vancouver to our adieu after taking us from Queen's Quay back to Heathrow for the journey back to Canada we were impressed with your professional, no-nonsense approach, blended with courtesy at all times. The conversations during the journeys to and from Heathrow were informative and added to the memories we have carried back with us.

The wheelchair did not see as much use as we initially had expected, because my wife frequently decided to walk rather than ride, but she often used it as a walker to help her stability, until her knees told her it was time to sit in the chair and leave the pushing to me! And I wonder how many of your wheelchairs have braved the hustle and bustle of Borough Market.

Once again, our thanks for helping to make our stay so enjoyable. If we manage to make it to London again in the future, expect a call from me beforehand!


Victor Runeckles
Nanaimo, B.C.

Subject: Thank you
Date: 03 September 2008 16:04
From: Sandico, Veny
To: Eddie Manning

Eddie and team,

Thank you very much for the very professional transport services provided us during our visit to London last week. We will certainly pass on your excellent and reliable services to friends/relatives with future travels to England, and who knows, maybe we'll see you again!

Thanks again,
Veny Sandico

Subject: Thank you
Date: 01 October 2007 18:39
From: Veronique
To: Eddie Manning

Hi Eddie:
Thank you so much for your wonderful Limo Service. We arrived at Gatwick Airport on Tuesday Sept. 4th and had to transfer to Heathrow with four & 1/2 hours to transfer but when we arrived and going through immigration which was lengthy we had far less time. We were asked by your driver our flight carrier and time of departure and he got us to Heathrow safe and sound with time to spare. He was very helpful and very gracious. Thank you again and next time we are in London we will be using your service instead of the train system.

Veronica Du Bray
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Date: 23 August 2007
From: Myrna Davis
To: Eddie Manning

My mother, my sister, and I used your service to and from Gatwick Airport and the Grand Princess. Our cruise was from Aug. 9-Aug. 21. We want to thank you for your private limo service, the wheelchair to use, and the excellent drivers you provided. Also, thank you for personally meeting us on our disembarkation from the Grand Princess. You offer a much needed service to tourists and we thank you for your excellent attention to details regarding our needs. Your drivers were most kind, helpful, and excellent drivers.

Myrna Davis, Verna Granger and our mother, Margaret Frazer.

Date: 08 June 2007
From: Lorraine and Philip Sgammato
To: Eddie Manning


We just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful service we received from your company on our recent trip to London. When we landed, we had to wait close to 90 minutes in the immigration line and Stuart was still there waiting for us. He was so informative during our trip to the hotel, giving us little bits of information about London. When we reached the city, he even drove us around the area of the hotel to show us a few of the sights. Three days later Richard picked us up to take us to the Southampton pier. Again, he was prompt, informative and friendly. You even helped us out when Harry Norman called you to find out which terminal we needed to go to at Heathrow. I will definitely recommend your company to friends and will call you if we are ever back in London.

Lorraine and Philip Sgammato

Date: 07 July 2006
From: Rusty Greene
To: Eddie Manning

Thanks Eddie for all your help it was a pleasure doing business with you and your company. Your service was everything it was represented to be and more.I would highly recommend this transfer service to anyone. Not only did you do as said but I needed help and information and you went out of your way to get it for me.
Thanks again.
The Greene family,
Cleveland,Ohio. U.S.A.

Date: 01 July 2006
From: Pauline Kislik
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Eddie Manning,
I want to thank you for meeting me at Heathrow and transferring me to Gatwick en route to Rome and for picking me up at my hotel (and even coming up for my bag) and delivering me to Gatwick on return.

Your service was everything advertised and testified to by other satisfied customers on your website. It is worth every pence charged.

As I need help walking and standing a good deal, this was especially appreciated. It was such a relief knowing you would be there for me. Thank you very, very much. My husband might even consider a visit to London again, or at least a transfer there knowing how easy you would make the airport transit.

Heathrow, especially, is so huge. It is very difficult to manage for older passengers coming in from a long flight. You may quote me on this if it would be helpful.

Pauline Kislik

Date: 04 August 2006
From: Diane Barnwell
To: Eddie Manning

We wanted to thank you for a wonderful day in England. You made our last day " the best day" of our European trip. We were very pleased with your services. Our dinner at Hotel de Vin was outstanding!

Again, thanks for everything and we will be certain to recommend your services to others traveling to your area in the future.

Many thanks,

Date: 23 July 2005
From: Dr. Stefan Rustscheff
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Eddie,
I would just like to take the opportunity to thank You for the excellent services provided for us on our transfer between Heathrow and Gatwick. Top class in everything! Courteous reception, lovely car, fast service and a driver who not only was an epitone of professionalism but also highly educated and a scion in the subject of military history! Thanks a lot for a very memorable transfer! I will of course continue to use Your services whenever needed and I have today asked my junior doctor to use your transport for her own trip to St. Lucia which, as for all guests from Sweden bound for the Caribbean, involves a transfer between Heathrow and Gatwick.

Kind rgds Dr Stefan Rustscheff

PS: You may feel free to use this in Your marketing

Subject: Home safely
Date: 02 October 2005 13:40
From: Cynthia DiCola
To: Eddie Manning

Bev and I arrived safely, albeit a bit weary, back in Cincinnati. Wanted to thank you for the part you played in making our time in London most enjoyable. It is said first impressions are lasting ones and the ride to London from Gatwick indeed started our trip off on the right foot. Your service is exemplary complimented only by your personality.

A bit of a funny story - my husband, Vince, played the role of " Eddie" on our return to Cincinnati. The Cincinnati airport is actually located in another state, Kentucky, just across the Ohio border and is similar in distance from our house as Gatwick is to London. On the ride back to our house we were sharing the experiences of our trip and of course were telling how easy and enjoyable our trip from Gatwick (and back) had been. My husband listened for a bit and then broke in before we were finished and said, " Wait, just a minute. We've not done that before. You mean you didn't have to get your bags, go to the train station at the airport, get the bags on the train, hopefully find a place to put them for the ride to Victoria Station and then find a place to sit, hopefully together?. To say nothing of getting the bags off the train and getting a taxi to your hotel? You mean to tell me there is another way to get into London proper from Gatwick?" Bev immediately told him he'd just have to use your service next time we're in London! ))

I will recommend your service to anyone traveling to London and will most assuredly use it on future trips. As this was Bev's first trip to London I did want everything to be as positive as possible and our pickup and transport both to and from London did indeed begin and end the trip with the most positive of impressions. Thank you.

Till we meet again...

Best regards,
Cynthia DiCola

Subject: Re: London airport transfer reservations
Date: Monday, August 09, 2004 11:15 PM
From: John Smith
To: Eddie Manning

Hi, Eddie

Well, we're all back safe and sound. It's a long trip, but worth the effort.

Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for the truly excellent airport transfer services you provided my family. All eight of us were very impressed with the punctuality and professionalism. Also, the incredible cleanliness of your vehicles was uplifting.

Your services far surpassed those we have experienced in the past, and you can be assured you will be our provider of choice on future visits to London.

Thanks again, and good luck in all your undertakings.

John D. Smith
Scottsdale, AZ

29th August 2003

Dear Eddie,

Thank you so much for your email. I actually had been meaning to write to you. Yes, the service was wonderful. The driver was prompt, I had no problem finding him and we made it safely to our hotel!

I wanted to thank you for something else, too. I had booked a different service for the return. The reason I opted for this other service was because it was slightly less expensive for the return to Heathrow. Well, I wish I had given the business to you instead!

I was quoted 34 pounds for a sedan car, after I gave a complete description of our luggage size and volume. I was told I would have to pay the driver in cash advance payment was not available. Well, the day of our return, the driver appeared in a mini-van, and when we arrived at the airport, I was informed that he needed to charge me 49 pounds due to the amount of our luggage. I was rather taken aback, but since we did have one extra box (not that it wouldn't have fit fine in an estate car like the kind your service used), I paid the fare. (However, we basically had the same amount as originally specified for my quote.) Later I felt rather " snookered." I didn't have change for a larger bill and the driver didn't offer to give me any, so to make matters worse, I ended up giving him a bigger tip and spending much more than I had budgeted! I was also left with almost no spending money which I had intended to use on some last minute souvenirs at the airport gift stores.

It was rather frustrating. Anyway, it made me appreciate your service all the more. You allowed me to pay up front by credit card, and now, judging by the receipt you sent me, you did not have any hidden costs at the last minute. In addition, you were extremely prompt with all communication and e-mails. You have a user-friendly and efficient website and reservation system. I really appreciated the opportunity to pay in advance with a credit card. It made the process much more convenient.

You were definitely on target when you told me your experience has shown that customers prefer to just pay one flat fee as opposed to having a lower initial fee, later increased by other circumstances such as parking. I would gladly pay slightly more in advance than to be unexpectedly stuck with a larger bill.

Again, thank you for your service. You can count on our business the next time we come to London. We do hope to return in the not too distant future, as we had a wonderful time.

Thank you, Eddie!

Best regards,
Melanie S.
Newtown, PA 18940

Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 17.46hrs
From: Mike Kelly
To: Eddie Manning

Eddie --

.......... Lastly, turning to the business side of the trip, the shoddy chauffeur service from Chicago to our home on the return only served to highlight why it is such a pleasure to ride with you in the UK. The van and the driver are always impeccably turned out. The service is always prompt and courteous. There is always intelligent conversation about interesting topics. It's your attention to detail that makes your personal service business the best I have ever encountered. Keep it up.

I probably will need to be in the City on business sometime in the next couple of months. I'll give you a shout. And please let us know next time you are planning to be in middle-America.


Subject: thanks
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2002 15.04hrs
From: Crystal Smith
To: Eddie Manning

Hello Eddie,

I just wanted to write and thank you for the excellent service my mom and I received from your company on our recent trip to London. We should have called you on our way back because the driver the hotel arranged for us wasn't nearly as nice, nor a very good driver... But we arrived at the airport and back home safely, so I guess I shouldn't complain!! (smile)

I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who will be traveling to London.

Thanks again.
Crystal Smith


July 27, 2002

Dear Eddie:
We are finally back in Arkansas and settled in. Janey and Megan left shortly after returning from England and went to the Florida/Alabama beach for a week with a friend. They said it was almost as wonderful as our trip to Europe--They are now frantically trying to get Megan ready for college!

We want to thank you again for the time we spent with you. Having had Harry, we were anxious about interacting with anyone else for fear of being disappointed. You were just wonderful—charming, personable, informative, and gracious. Your van was comfortable and clean—it made exploring the countryside with you just lovely. It’s nice to know others enjoy the same things as we do. We just wish we had had more time to spend with you, but have no fear….we shall return!

You are welcome to use us as a reference any time you desire. Hope to see you again soon…..Megan wants to hit Oxford as soon as she can, and we’ll be right behind her.

Thank you again.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Pillsbury, Megan Pillsbury

Subject: A wonderful experience!
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 13:16:14 EST
From: G Poiry
To: Eddie Manning

Mr. Edward Manning:
Just a brief note to tell you what a wonderful service you provided for my wife and myself when we arrived at London Heathrow on Friday, November 6, 1998.

Allen, our driver, met our flight and greeted us in a very professional manner and was very courteous and friendly. While driving to the Marriott Hotel County Hall, he pointed out a number of landmarks and offered some excellent tips.

After traveling such a great distance from Southern California it was very refreshing to receive such a warm greeting. We are planning on a return trip to London next Aug. And you can be assured, we will be calling upon you for our ground transportation needs.

Again, Eddie, you offer an outstanding service.
Gib & Sharon Poiry

Subject: Satisfied customer
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 22:50:37 -0600
From: Sumaiya Malik
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Mr. Manning,
My stay in London began with the comfortable welcome of your company's services. The minivan and the driver were like a dream come true for tired travellers. We were five with our luggage travelling from USA.

Thankyou so much for such a good job in getting us to our destination and also helping with the luggage. So pleased was I that I have just recommended you to a friend of ours, Imran Baqai, who will be emailing shortly to place an order.

Thanks once again and keep up the good work.
Sumaiya Malik

Subject: Thanks
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 09:25:19 -0400
From: Stuart Lazarus
To: Eddie Manning

Thank you (and Alan) for such wonderful, wonderful help while we were in England. The little touches were wonderful -- like the stop at McDonalds after our travel weary family got off the plane at Gatwick. The planning, promptness, and courteousness surpassed our expectations. Alan's cheery face and personality were just what we needed both during our stay in London as well as in greeting us at the conclusion of our cruise. Really, it sounds silly perhaps, but the time we spent in surface travel you arranged was literally one of the high points of our journey. It was not merely transportaion. Please use us as a reference for others who not only need such transportation but wish to add a special dimension to their travels.

Stuart Lazarus and family
Columbus, Ohio USA

Subject: Greetings
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 18:35:02 -0700
From: Cheryl Fey Walker
Organization: Concorde - Melbourne
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Edward,
Firstly, a belated thank you for providing such excellent transfers for my recent visit to London - I'm convinced - why bother messing around with trains (fast or slow) when one could be driven so comfortably! I have spread your cards around the office and told my colleagues to think of you whenever they need London transfers - I hope you get some business out of it!

Kind regards
Cheryl Walker

Subject: Thanks for great service!
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 11:25:04 -0400
From: Helen Sauvageau
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Eddie,
This morning, your driver, Allen, picked us up at the Orion on Northumberland to drive us to Heathrow. You may remember that when you picked us up at Heathrow we filled your minivan with suitcases, umbrella strollers, two small children, my mother, sister and myself. I'm afraid that after ten days of beautiful shopping and tourist weather we had added several boxes to that original load. Allen found a way to fit us all in and entertained the children while we were in stop and go rush hour traffic. We would recommend you to anyone needing transportation. We chose your service because we liked your internet site. After using your service, we know that everything you advertise is true.

Thank you.
Helen Sauvageau

Subject: Airport Pick Up
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 12:25:34 -0500
From: James E. Schwalbe
To: Eddie Manning

I have just returned from my trip to London, and I wanted to thank you for the excellent service that I received while I was in London. I must admit I was skeptical when I saw your web site, but after giving it a try, I was greeted by your driver at the Airport with a sign, he had the child seat for my son, and that he was most courteous and helpful I am a " believer" . You live up to all the great things said about your service on your Web-site. I have recommended you to my family and friends who have used you already, (my brother) and will use you again in the future. I thank you again, and please be advised that I will give your card and your name to all my colleagues that I know travel to London.

Subject: RE: Heathrow/Crawley Transfers
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 14:34:06 -05
From: Cynthia Fernandes
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Edward,
A brief note to thank you for providing such an excellent service for my mother, brother and myself when we were being transferred from Heathrow to Crawley on December 16 and also for the return to Heathrow on January 4. Your driver, Alan met us very promptly and was very courteous and friendly and most of all took care of our luggage which was, and I am sure Alan would agree, extremely heavy!!! Alan has a wonderful personality and should be commended for his mannerism and, on the whole, for being so competent and friendly. I hope you will convey our sincere thanks to him. I will certainly recommend your company and Alan's professionalism to any friends who may be visiting London. Edward, I would like you to know that the time spent during our transfers was certainly the highlight of our trip. You can be assured that we will most definitely call on you for our transportation needs whenever we visit that part of the world. We would be interested in spending more time in London but the high priced hotels is what holds us back! If you do know of reasonably priced accommodation, would you please inform me.

Thank you again for providing such outstanding service.

Kind regards,
Cynthia Fernandes

Subject: Heathrow pickup
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 12:19:56 -0500
From: Norm Corn
To: Eddie Manning

Hello Eddie:
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your service. Your drivers were true professionals and the service could not have been better. Not only will I use your company when I travel to London, but I will also recommend it to my associates.

Thanks again.

Norm Corn

Subject: London Transfers/July
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 09:40:02 -0700
From: Nabil Kabbani
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Mr. Manning:
I just would like to thank you and your staff for outstanding transfers from the Gatwick airport on 7/15 and 7/27/98. Your staff were friendly, courteous, and on time. When we arrived from Lisbon to London, our plane was about 1 hour late, and your staff was there to meet us with a sign. I will highly recommend your service to my friends who may be visiting London. I took several of your business cards, and I will definitely pass them along to others. I appreciate your business, and your website definitely works!

Thanks again,
Jan and Nabil Kabbani
Paradise Valley, AZ

Subject: Gatwick Transport
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 09:37:59 EDT
From: Nancy Darnall
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Eddie,
We thoroughly enjoyed our two week holiday in London and the outskirts I am convinced that the competent and friendly people at Edward Manning were critical to that enjoyment. Knowing that we did not have to concern ourselves about getting to and from Gatwick by other means really enhanced our trip. Again, thank you for all your work in making our play so much better. I will recommend your service every chance I get.

Nancy Darnall

Subject: Heathrow pickup
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 10:14:47 +0100
From: Andrew Chernicoff
To: Eddie Manning

Your service picked my parents up from Heathrow (United Airlines) this morning, and my mother was very pleased with the driver and the service which was provided. I just wanted to thank you for starting their vacation off on the right foot. I plan on using you again in the future, and will reommend you to my friends.

Andrew Chernicoff

Subject: THANKS
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 11:11:38 -0400
From: Sharon Lennon
To: Eddie Manning

My friends have asked me to write and thank you and your drivers - Ray, Alan, Simon & Ian for transporting us in style from Euston Station to Forte Crest Heathrow on Wednesday evening and back on Thursday evening. Everything went so smoothly and your drivers were very amiable - putting up with 8 very chatty ladies. We have taken some of your business cards and distributed them to people we met at the hotel and will also recommend you to friends/relations who have to travel in and around London.

Thank you very much.
Sharon Lennon

Subject: Thank you
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 10:54:13 -0400
From: John Kolley
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Mr. Manning,
We have recently returned to the USA after a wonderful 3 week vacation in Europe, and thanks to your service one of our most enjoyable spots was London. We were so pleased with the excellent treatment we received, and we were especially delighted with our driver, Simon. He is to be commended for the special day he provided for us. His driving was excellent his knowledge was thorough and extensive most importantly he treated us like friends. We have already given your internet address to several people and hope , as a result, we have sent some business your way. Of course, we also highly recommended Simon. We may be interested in spending more time in London, but hate to pay the high prices for the hotels. Simon mentioned that you have connections with a service that provides apartment rentals. Would you mind sending us the address? Thank you again for the excellent service and the wonderful day that Simon provided for us.

John and Jamie Kolley

Date: Tue, 04 Aug 98 08:27:43 PDT
From: Paul Farrugia
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Mr. E. Manning
I am submitting this e-mail in my name and on behalf of the other seven persons who were all passengers on the airport transfers trips between Heathrow/Hotel/Heathrow on the 17th./27th. July, 1998 in appreciation for the satisfactory service provided and the courteous manner shown to us all. Your excellent service and courtesy will certainly be recommended to our relatives and friends who, in future, will be planning to visit London for a holiday or for some other particular reason. Many thanks for your very efficient service.

Paul Farrugia,
Sta. Venera, Malta

Subject: Feedback
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 15:19:53 +0100
From: Tracy Salsbury
Organization: European Construction Institute
To: Eddie Manning

Dear Edward
Just a note regarding the work your company did for us on 27th May. Our Chairman, said he was pleased and impressed with the service he received. He had to change his collection arrangements twice in the afternoon, and found the driver flexible and helpful. He kept his card and said he'd use your service again when he's in the UK, which is fairly frequently. This is a relief to me when using a new supplier.

Tracy Salsbury

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